Expected Graduate Course Offerings


Expected Graduate Course

The following table lists the graduate-level courses that the Department of Mathematics plans to offer in the near future. It is meant to help students plan a course of study. Actual course offerings may deviate slightly from those indicated here. In particular, if any of the these courses is not offered, it may be replaced by another course. 

(✓ indicates the course is scheduled for that semester.)

Courses Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Linear Algebra (MATH 4130/5130)    
Modern Analysis II (MATH 4320/5320)    
Mathematical Statistics I (MATH 4810/5810)    
Mathematical Statistics II (MATH 4820/5820)    
Numerical Analysis (MATH 4650/5650)    
Mathematical Modeling (MATH 4480/5480)    
Methods of Applied Math (MATH 4470/5470)    
Stochastic Modeling (MATH 4850/5850)    
Optimization (MATH 4420/5420)      
Intro to Chaotic Dynamical Systems (MATH 4250/5250)      
Topology (MATH 4510/5510)      
Algebraic Coding Theory (MATH 5270/6270)      
Modern Algebra II (MATH 4150/5150)      
Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 4430/5430)      
Approximation Methods (MATH 5440/6440)      
Rings & Modules I (MATH 5170/6170)      
Rings & Modules II (MATH 6180)      
Functional Analysis (MATH 5350/6350)      
Real Analysis (MATH 5330/6330)      
Complex Analysis I (MATH 5610/6610)      
Complex Analysis II (MATH 5620/6620)      
Theory of Probability I (MATH 5910/6910)      

Theory of Probability II (MATH 5920/6920)


Scientific Computation I (MATH 4670/5670)


Scientific Computation II (MATH 5680/6680)


Irregularly Offered Courses

  • Intro to Chaotic Dynamic Systems (MATH 4250/5250)
  • Linear Statistical Models (MATH 4830/5830)
  • Fractal Geometry (MATH 5230)